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What are β-glucans?

27.05.2014 | Chimp | 0 comments

22% of β-glucans are great!

QuickMix Shake is a nutritious, before activity meal. It contains 50% of suggested daily intake of vitamins and 22% of β-glucans sourced from oats. Oat is a rich source of the water-soluble fibre (1,3/1,4) β-glucan, and its effects on health have been extensively studied the last 30 years. Oat β-glucans are the only dietary fiber currently recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to be able to reduce a disease risk. Oat β-glucans can be highly concentrated in different types of oat brans.

β-Glucans are known as "biological response modifiers" because of their ability to activate the immune system. Immunologists have discovered  that receptors on the surface of innate immune cells called dectin-1 and complement receptor 3 (CR3 or CD11b/CD18) are responsible for binding to β-glucans, allowing the immune cells to recognize them as “non-self".

How to enjoy QuickMix Shake: 

  •   as a porridge or shake - try to add nuts or fruit to your porridge
  •   hot or cold - hot QuickMix will warm you up better then a hot drink in crapy weather 
  •   with water or milk - try with a yogurt as a great mid-day snack 


Ingredients: extruded cereals mix (maize, rye, barley), sucrose, Oat Well® (22% of β-glucans of oat), cocoa powder, soya drink in powder (maize syrup, soya oil, mono- and diacylglycerol emulsifiers, soya lecithin, potassium phosphate), glucose, bee honey, inulin, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vegetable oil, citrus pectin, vitamin premix and antioxidants (see the table).

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